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.: Solidworks Training :.
Solid Works is the world's most popular 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) software associated with Microsoft Windows. This software is specifically developed by Dassault Systemes Solid Works Corp to fulfill the needs and requirements of mechanical designing industry. Over 1.3 million individuals and more than 130,000 companies of manufacturing market segments worldwide utilize this software. Every company in mechanical sectors demands CAD technicians and are ready to pay them an attractive amount as salary.

Best Solidworks Classes in Roorkee, Best Essential & Industrial Training of Solidworks in Roorkee
If you are a mechanical engineer having capability of visualization and but do not have knowledge of solid works, the prospects to find right job seems difficult. But, after pursuing solid works course, offered by this Institute you will be able to find the job in the market as per your requirement.

Solid works is 3D CAD software that is usually used in mechanical industry for designing tools and equipments. Due to the globalization, many national and international mechanical industries exports and imports their product range throughout the world only because of their new product line. In order to develop the new product line they make use cutting-edge solid works computer aided designs and drafting that is illustrated by mechanical engineers.

Online Solidworks Courses,Free Workshop of Solidworks, Jobs For Solidworks in Roorkee, Solidworkd 3D CAd & MCAD Modeling Training
This solidworks Jayna Technologies in Roorkee helps you to provide the best training as compared with other institutes. Our solidworks course Syllabus is the best in the Industry. We are also known for providing best solidworks courses . Our 3D CAD software helps designers quickly become proficient 3D modelers and increases the speed to create and deliver designs.SolidWorks software updates dimensions, critical tables, and notes to the new values with 100% accuracy. It also updates associated bills of materials so there is no confusion with manufacturing.

.: Courses Content :.
Duration-90 Hrs.
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1) Introduction
   - Introduction to CAD, CAE, PDM.
   - Features of SolidWorks.
   - Various products available in SolidWorks for Product Design.
   - SolidWorks Graphical User Interface.
   - Feature manager design tree.
   - Callouts.
   - Hardware and Software requirements.
   - SolidWorks Task Scheduler.
   - Command Manager.
   - SolidWorks Rx.
2)Sketch Tools
   -pattern Make path.
   -Close Sketch To Model.
   -Sketch picture.
   -Check Sketch for Feature.
   -Area hatch/Fill Blocks – Make block.
   -Edit block.
   -Add/Remove Entities.
   -Explode Relations-Adding Sketch Relation.
   -Automatic relations.
   -Fully define sketch.
3) Creating Loft features
   -Selecting Profiles.
   -Guide curves.
   -Start/End Constraints.
   -Centerline parameters.
   -Sketch tools.
   -Close loft.
   -Selecting geometries – Selection Manager.
4) Part Modeling Tools
   - Creating reference planes .
   - Creating Extrude features– Direction1, Direction2.
   - Creating Revolve features– Selecting Axis.
   - Creating Swept features-Selecting.
   - Applying draft, Selecting contours.
   - Profile and Path.
   - Orientation/twist type .
5) Surface Modeling tools
   - Creating Extrude.
   - Inserting Planar Surface.
   - Extending a surface.
   - Trimming Surface.
   - Surface fill, Ruled Surface.
   - Thickening a Surface, Move Face.
   - Revolve, Swept, loft, Boundary surface.
6)Sheet Metal Design
   -Concepts in Sheet metal design bend allowance bend deduction.
   -K-factor Inserting Base Flange.
   -Sheet Metal Tab.
   -Edge Flange.
   -Creating Break Corner/Corner Trim.
   -Inserting Sketched Bend.
   -Conversion Of Solid Body To Sheet Metal.

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