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.: Revit Training :.
This revit Architecture Jayna Technologies offers highly advanced training courses for Revit Architecture. Revit is a product of Autodesk and usually recognized as the software used by architects and engineers for designing and building purposes. This course comprises of some basic Building Information Modelling concepts and documentation. This software is also called as 4D CAD and extensively used in representing the real physical building components such as wall and doors. Revit Architecture is a set of enhanced designing & architect toolset which helps you design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings.

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The courseware presented by this institute is designed by reckoned Revit architects that empower us to help students acquire a complete set of skills essential for understanding the Revit architecture. We focus on giving sufficient practical exposure to students in this course so that they can acquire the skills necessary to work in organizations as proficient architects or engineers. This Revit Architecture Jayna Technologies in roorkee helps you to provide the best Revit training as compared with other institutes. Our revit course Syllabus is the best in the Industry. We are also known for providing best revit architecture courses . In our revit course we offer advance syllabus.

After pursuing Revit architecture course, a student get to choose among various career opportunities in Architectural Design, MEP Engineering, Structural Engineering and Construction one that they are interested in. Revit is the most significant software produced by Autodesk. It is specifically developed for the applications of designing, building, and maintaining higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings.

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Nowadays, an architect, consultants, general contractors, and manufacturers create their own models and databases in different disciplines such as Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical that can be linked and/or combined into one model that is possible today with the help of Revit. This software is highly user friendly and gives an opportunity to overview projects in 3D simulation. With the use of Revit architecture designers, architects and engineers can make experiment with their visualization; render their tasks in short time with high quality input.

.: Courses Content :.
Duration-90 Hrs.
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1) Introduction Revit
   - Exploring user interface.
   - REVIT Architecture basics.
   - Creating and modifying levels.
   - Creating and modifying walls.
   - About element properties.
   - About component families .
   - Adding and modifying floors, doors, windows.
   - Adding and modifying roofs (soffit, footprint, extrusion) and creating      openings.
   - Presenting the building plan, filled region, color legend and using text and      dimensions.
   - Using materials, textures and creating renderings. Creating exterior view      (Topo surface, sub-region, building pad, etc
   - Creating interior views (use of lights and ceilings etc.) Revision and test.
   - Massing and its applications. Sheet layout, detailing and drafting.
   - Construction documentation. Revision and test.
   - Using walkthroughs.Using sun and shadow settings, managing images.
   - Brushing up and time for model. Revision & test.
   - Adding and modifying curtain walls. Using editing commands.
   -Adding and modifying stairs, railing, ramps. Import and export. Revision &      test..
   -Creating Patterns.

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