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.: Catia Training :.
Catia is the most powerful and widely used CAD software of its kind in the globe. It provides computer aided three dimensional interactive applications in the mechanical designing industry. Catia is basically used by the automotive and aerospace industries for designing automobile, aircraft product and tools. Almost, all the companies involved in mechanical applications use CATIA even NASA for the design of "jet-fighter" aircraft, aircraft carriers, helicopters, tanks and various other forms of weaponry. Catia is known to be one of the advanced and unique software used throughout the North American and European continents, as well as Australia. And, to know the terminology of the software, professionals go to those countries and after learning all the procedures they further travel to different countries as on so-called "paid" vacations.

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This Institute endeavored to offer Catia course to students and we boast to be the only institute offering Catia course to students that help them to build career in field of mechanical and CAD. All mechanical complies, motor companies, bottle manufacturing companies etc., utilize the services of Catia .

This Catia Jayna Technologies in roorkee helps you to provide the best AutoCAD training as compared with other institutes. Our course Syllabus is the best in the Industry. We are also known for providing best catia courses .

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When it comes to engineering, it enables rapid development of high quality mechanical products. It empowers engineers to do digital prototyping, digital analysis and simulation to understand the quality and performance of product designs early in the product development phase. CATIA lets users to design shapes and reach high levels of surface sophistication with its 3D sketching, visualizatoin features. With CATIA product developers can take an integrated systems engineering approach. They can do requirements engineering, systems architecture definition, detailed modeling and simulation to manage the complex development process.

.: Courses Content :.
Duration-90 Hrs.
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1) Introduction
   -Dassault Systems & products.
   -CATIA, PLM & Industries using CATIA.
   -Parametric / Feature based Modeling Concept.
   -Supported file formats (open /Import & save / export).
   -Syllabus modules.
   -Starting CATIA its GUI.
   -Customization of workbench & entering a workbench.
   -Mouse Navigation.
   -General commands (new file, open, save, save as, close) & keyboard     shortcuts & Mouse Gestures.
   -Design Intent.
2)Assembly Design Workbench
   -Top-down & Bottom-up assembly Design approach.
   -Common toolbars.
   -Product structure tools.
   -Move & manipulating parts using Compass.
   -Assembly features.
   -Tips & Workshop.
   -Entering the Sketcher workbench Sketch & Positioned Sketch.
   -Extra toolbars like Visualization, Select, User selection Filter.
3) Sketcher Workbench
   -Toolbars .
   - Workbench.
   - Standard .
   - Profile .
   - Operation .
   - Constraint .
   - View.
   - Properties .
   - Customization & options.
   - General Display.
4) Drafting Workbench
   - Page setup & customization.
   - Layout & templates .
   - Common toolbars.
   - Generative design toolbars .
   - Geometry creation & modification, Tools .
   - Interactive design toolbars? Generating views & Generate BOM, Generate     dimension.
   - Dress-up.
   - Dimensioning.
   - Annotations.
5) Wireframe & surface Design Workbench
   -Common toolbars .
   - Wireframe toolbar (Points, Lines, Planes, Projection, Intersection, Spline,      Connect, Helix, Circle) .
   - Surfaces toolbar (Extrude, Revolve, Sphere, Cylinder, Offset, Sweep, Fill,       Multi-section, Blend) .
   -Operations toolbar (Join, Disassemble, Heal, Split, Trim, Boundary, Extract,       Extrapolate Transformation) .
   - Surface & solids interaction Part Design Surface-Based Features Toolbar .
   - Common toolbars like standard, view, workbench, select .
   - Transformation features(Translation, Rotation, Symmetry, Mirror, Patterns,       Scaling .
   - Apply material toolbar .
   - Dress-up features (Fillets, Chamfer, Drafts, Shell, Thickness, Thread/Tap,       Remove Face).
   - Stiffener, Multi-Sections Solid.
   - Introduction To Sheet metal Design.
   - Generative Sheet metal Design.
   - Entering The Sheet metal Workbench.
   - Process Of Sheet metal Designing .
   - Sheet metal Parameters & Its Importance .
   - Sheet metal Wall.
   - Types Of Walls.
   - Creating A Multi-Connected Profile Walls.
   - Folding & Unfolding Of The Faces.
   - Creating Relief On The Corner.
   - Flange & Its Types.
   - Features Of Sheet metal.
   - Creating Holes In Sheet.
   - Translating Created Sheet With Parameters.
   - Rotating Sheet metal Parts.

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