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.: AutoCAD Training :.
AutoCAD is a computer aided design software used to create building, public spaces and bridge design. the main application of this course is its application in drafting the design of machinery parts or any object. AutoCAD has application in various engineering branches as in civil, mechanical and electrical.

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AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting software application, which is used in architecture, construction and manufacturing to assist in the preparation of blueprints and other engineering plans. AutoCAD is used mainly by drafters, although engineers, surveyors and architects from time to time as this process helps in getting freedom from manual paper and pencil design of different things which an engineer, architect, or design professional wants to design.

The course curriculum is specially designed for the students of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and communication, Automobile and Production Engineering, or the computer professionals etc., which are working in operations of any of the above mentioned sectors must be trained in AutoCAD. Thus, our course includes all those CAD-CAM-CAE software and concepts in designing that Mechanical, Automobile and Production Engineering Students can learn through this course.

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Jayna Technologies, being one of the top-notch educational institutes, offers AutoCAD training courses in Roorkee Region. There are simple graduates or undergraduates who want to make career in engineering design may also apply to learn basic to expertise in engineering design in AutoCAD 2D and 3D as it provides speedy, accurate designing facility that enhance the productivity in an engineering environment.

.: Benefits of AutoCAD Training :.
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AutoCAD is actually very helpful for engineering students, especially those that which to enjoy the impact of engineering. There are a number of advantages to AutoCAD classes, teaching students how to use the software to ensure they make the most of the product to use in their work on a daily basis. The biggest advantage to AutoCAD classes is that it improves productivity and feasibility. This is why so many companies enrol team members for these training sessions. It helps the student visualise their final product and see how it will work, ensuring they have taken all the necessary steps before putting the project forward. The next advantage to this type of training is that the quality of the design is dramatically improved. This makes it easier when working with a group to show the design and everyone understand it, again saving time and energy and enabling staff to complete projects quicker than if they were drawing them manually. The software enables users to create documentation for their design. This is a major benefit to taking AutoCAD classes and learning how this documentation is developed, helping others understand what is involved in the design with ease. Documentation includes everything from the materials to be used to components and specifications, very important in architectural design where the drawings are sent to a contractor who has to understand every step of the way.

Understanding how the software works and what it can be used for is hugely advantageous in any industry that requires design and innovation. Those who complete this type of course can build anything from buildings to electrical circuits and stadiums to bridges and anything else that is needed by their company with complete specifications, materials, components, descriptions and proof that it works.

.: Courses Content :.
Duration-90 Hrs.
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1)AutoCAD Introduction
   - Starting AutoCAD.
   - Drawing Area.
   - Command Window.
   - Status Bar.
   - Starting New Drawing.
   - Dynamic Input Mode.
   - Creating And Managing Workspace.
2)Getting started with AutoCAD
   -Coordinate Systems.
   -Drawing Lines & Circles.
   -Erasing Object.
   -Canceling & Undoing A Command.
   -Inputting Data.
   -Creating Basic Objects.
   -Using Object Snaps.
3)Modifying Objects
   -Selecting Objects In The Drawing.
   -Changing An Object's Position.
   -Creating New Objects From Existing Objects.
   -Changing The Angle Of An Object's Position.
   -Creating A Mirror Image Of Existing Objects.
   -Creating Object Patterns.
   -Changing An Object's Size.
4) Drawing Objects
   - Creating And Editing Multiline.
   - Creating Revision Clouds.
   - Regions.
   - Drawing Objects.
   - Working With Polylines.
   - Creating Splines.
   - Creating Ellipses.
5) Isometric Drawings
   - Changing The Workspace For Isometric Drawings.
   - Rules Of Isometric Drawings.
   - Working In Isometric Drawings.
   - Isometric Projections.
   - Isometric Axes & Planes.
   - Setting The Isometric Grid & Snap.
   - Dimensioning.
6)Creating 3D Designs
   - Inputting Data.
   - Creating Wireframes & Surface Designs.
   - Creating 3D-Volumetric Designs.
   - Working with Pre-defined Solid Primitives.
   - Manipulating/Modifying 3D Profiles & Models.
   - Creating Composite models.
   - Filleting & Chamfering Solid models.

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